Choose Your Fighter

Each episode we will host a debate-battle, one-on-one, Podcaster v Podcaster, to compete with their fictional character against another fictional character.

Dean Giles

You may know Dean from such podcasts as:  PodScure, How Are Ya Now?, and The Boondocks Podcast.

Demond Thompson

Once you’ve heard the six questions on Demond Does or taken a stroll through Hillman College with him on A Different World, you’ll know the gravitas.

Current Scrappers Bracket


Reacher v Rama

Thursday, August 4th, 7pm Pacific / 10pm Eastern

Probably two of the most brutal martial artists you’ll ever see pitted against each other.
Both with backgrounds in law enforcement.
Both well-respected and powerful.
Both want to do what’s right.
Who are these venerated vehicles of violence, you ask?
Only two of the most brutal bestowers of beatdowns!
Jack Reacher v Rama from The Raid

Wayne v Johnny Lawrence

Thursday, July 21st, 7pm Pacific / 10pm Eastern

As we get closer to the end of the first round, we find a dispute between two scrappers said to be so superlative at said squabbles, sluggers steer aside!
One scrapper hails from the wide open spaces of rural Ontario, the other from the bustling LA suburb of Encino.
Who are these two competitors you ask? Only two of the fastest faction of fists fired at a foe!
Wayne from Letterkenny v Johnny Lawrence from Cobra Kai!

Ah Sahm v John Wick

Thursday, July 7th, 7pm Pacific / 10pm Eastern

This episode brings a dispute between two of the most pugnacious pugilists to ever provide a pummeling!
One of them from a bygone era, the other from the gritty underworld.
Who are these two combatants you ask? Only two of the most angry adversaries to ever annihilate and assailant:
Ah Sahm from Warrior v John Wick!

Scrappers Intermission

When one of your advocates ends up having to go to the hospital, what do you do?
Demond and Dean call for a Scrappers Intermission to cover what’s gone on so far with the bracket, how we saw things when we started, and how we expect things to go.

Everything. Is. Disputed.

Ting v Beatrix Kiddo

Thursday, June 9th, 7pm Pacific / 10pm Eastern. Bringing two HIGHLY trained martial artists who are on a fight for what’s right! One of them is a former assassin who’s set out for revenge on those who’ve wronged her. The other is a peaceful villager who’s seeking the return of a sacred item stolen from his temple. Who are these venerating vigilantes, you ask? Only two of the most valorous virtuosos to ever vanquish a villain!Ting from Ong-Bak vs Kill Bill’s Beatrix Kiddo!