Choose Your Fighter

Each episode we will host a debate-battle, one-on-one, Podcaster v Podcaster, to compete with their fictional character against another fictional character.

Dean Giles

You may know Dean from such podcasts as:  PodScure, How Are Ya Now?, and The Boondocks Podcast.

Demond Thompson

Once you’ve heard the six questions on Demond Does or taken a stroll through Hillman College with him on A Different World, you’ll know the gravitas.


Spike v Cassidy

Joined by Tim O’Leary and Auntie Awesome, this episode brings disputes between two well-known vampires who are going head-to-head to determine who is the vampire you want in your corner! Spike v Cassidy.
Everything. Is. Disputed.

James Bond v Ethan Hunt

Two enigmatic spycraft specialists, one heroic battle.
James Bond v Ethan Hunt!
Join us and this episode’s advocates, Nycci and Mat, as they determine who is the best.
Everything. Is. Disputed.

BONUS – Fixing Indiana Jones

Demond and Dean take it upon themselves to break down the things that need to be fixed in the Indiana Jones franchise and how they might fix them.
Everything. Is. Disputed.

Indiana Jones v Rick O’Connell

Two iconic adventurers, one legendary battle.
Indiana Jones v Rick O’Connell!
Join us and this episode’s advocates, Tiara and Riley, as they determine who is the best.
Everything. Is. Disputed.

Sting v The Undertaker

This episode brings disputes between two of the most legendary and long-lived brawlers to ever grace the squared circle. Sting vs The Undertaker! Advocating for them, Tim & John from the Armbar Audio podcast.
Everything. Is. Disputed.

Axel Foley v Mike Lowrey

Today, we bring together two of the most iconic police detectives on film; Axel Foley vs. Mike Lowrey.
Advocating for them, Drake from Everythang Culture podcast and Jeff from Those Guys Over There podcast.
Everything. Is. Disputed.

Donald Duck v Daffy Duck

In our second pilot episode (as we work out all the kinks), it’s another Demond v Dean as we advocate for the top two cartoon ducks: Donald v Daffy! Everything. Is. Disputed.

Harry Potter v Luke Skywalker

Today, Demond and Dean bring their pilot episode where they debate, “Who is the better ‘Chosen One’; Harry Potter or Luke Skywalker?” Everything. Is. Disputed.