Choose Your Fighter

Each episode we will host a debate-battle, one-on-one, Podcaster v Podcaster, to compete with their fictional character against another fictional character.

Dean Giles

You may know Dean from such podcasts as:  PodScure, How Are Ya Now?, and The Boondocks Podcast.

Demond Thompson

Once you’ve heard the six questions on Demond Does or taken a stroll through Hillman College with him on A Different World, you’ll know the gravitas.

Current Scrappers Bracket


Kato v Burton

Sunday, November 27th, 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern –
The last of the Final Four.
A pair of perfect pugilists to pique the most particular of pundits!
Who are these two practitioners of poundings, you ask?
Only two of the keenest of competitors to ever crack open a cranium:
Kato from The Green Hornet vs Amos Burton from The Expanse!
Everything. Is. Disputed.
#Kato #TheGreenHornet #BruceLee #AmosBurton #TheExpanser

Ah Sahm v Reacher

Thursday, November 10th. 7pm Pacific/10pm Eastern –
The first of the Final Four.
Two tactical technicians to tantalize your taste for brutality.
Who are these two bastions of barbarism, you ask?
Only two of the fiercest foes ever to furnish a fatality:
Ah Sahm from Warrior vs Jack Reacher!
Everything. Is. Disputed.

#AhSahm #Warrior #JackReacher

Kiddo v Burton

Thursday, October 27th.
7pm Pacific/10pm Eastern –
Two of the most tenacious exterminators ever to trounce and troublemaker.
Beatrix Kiddo (The Bride) from Kill Bill vs Amos Burton from The Expanse!
Everything. Is. Disputed.
#KillBill #BeatrixKiddo #AmosBurton #TheExpanse

Reacher v Bourne

Saturday, October 15th, 3pm Pacific / 6pm Eastern.
Two pummeling powerhouses make their way to pound the other into pulp!
Jack Reacher v Jason Bourne!
Everything. Is. Disputed.
#Reacher #Bourne

Wayne v Kato

Thursday, September 15th, 7pm Pacific / 10pm Eastern:
Back to the ring for their first foray into the second round, two scrappers who fight for what’s right

Wayne from Letterkenny v Kato from The Green Hornet
Everything. Is. Disputed.
#Wayne #Letterkenny #Kato #GreenHornet #BruceLee